POUNCE Systems Products: SCU001


The System Control Unit (SCU) is the heart of the POUNCE® System. It contains a computer board that serves a web site called the POUNCE® Dashboard.This allows easy access to the system from virtually anywhere, including through your smart phone.

All of the software needed resides on the SCU, so all you need to do is connect to it. You can configure all of the devices in your system to respond to the environment, including temperature, occupancy and power. The SCU also stores all of the data from every device. The graphing reports capability is included. You can set up alerts, including text messages and emails from any device.


  • System Control Unit Enclosure - Compact size includes holes for wall mounting.
  • Antenna - For wireless connection to POUNCE devices.
  • Ethernet Connection - Local and remote access to the system.
  • DC Power Connection - 5VDC supply included.
  • LED Indicators - System status, Alerts Device, Network, DC Power