Installing the POUNCE® System in buildings is predicted to provide significant energy and cost savings.
Models show the total kWh savings ranged from 17.6 to 20.1% in electricity use.

Solutions for Architects and Engineers

“I'm looking for a simple, scalable, comprehensive control system for my clients that is commercial grade and manageable.”

Solutions for Facilities and Building Managers

“I know there is a better way to track the use of energy for maintenance and efficiency.”

Solutions for Sustainability Directors

“Reducing the carbon footprint without disrupting operations is my main focus.”

Solutions for Energy Managers and Consultants

“How can I be sure that the energy upgrades are meeting expectations?”

Solutions for Real Estate Developers

“Some of my tenants use far more energy than others, but how can I show them?”

Other Solutions


POUNCE is extremely versatile. There are many non-energy applications to help maintain your facility, such as occupancy alerts, auto-timer reset and other preventive maintenance features.