POUNCE Solutions: Other Solutions


Security Enhancement: Monitor your facility after hours by receiving texts or emails when occupancy is detected.
Maintenance: Remotely monitor lighting circuits for burnt out lamps by graphing the power from the circuit.  
Retail Uses: Monitor foot traffic at retail locations. View the time, temperature, and volume of occupancy detections throughout a retail facility to determine lease rates and optimal merchandising locations.  
Educational Tool: Teach students about energy use by allowing them “Observer” viewing access to the energy and building use data. This level does not allow users to change any settings.  
Timer Reset: Never reset a mechanical timer again. After a power outage the POUNCE System Control Unit automatically updates all of the time clocks in every POUNCE® device.


–The thermostats on baseboard heaters don’t indicate the temperature, so setting them to a comfortable level is difficult. Setting them back to an efficiency level is even trickier and requires someone to be in charge of that task.
–A conference room wall is on the cold northwest corner of an older poorly insulated building. They are meant to assist the existing heating system to make the room more comfortable. Now the room is either too cold or too hot.
–A better method of controlling the temperature is needed without pulling wire to a new wall mount thermostat.
–Replace the wall switch that controls the lighting with a POUNCE® switch. Set it up to turn the lights on based on occupancy. Then set it up to act as a thermostat to affect a second POUNCE switch located by the circuit breaker panel. Connect the output of the second switch to the control lines of a general purpose contactor that turn the power on and off to the electric heaters.
–The settings in the POUNCE® Dashboard allow the user to have the baseboard heaters turn up to a comfortable temperature when occupancy is detected. After a programmed delay when occupancy is no longer detected, the temperature is allowed to reduce to a lower setting.
Additional Benefits
–The lighting is now controlled efficiently through the POUNCE device that also acts as the thermostat used for fixing the electric heat problem.



POUNCE Systems: Power and Temperature Thresholds

Mike explains how the POUNCE® System interacts with temperature and power loads.



POUNCE Systems: Occupancy Detection

POUNCE® Systems lets you use energy when you need it, and manage or reduce your use when you don't. Efficiently controlling heating, occupancy, device interactions at any time of day, from your office to your cell phone at home. In this video, Mike explains how Occupancy Detection works to efficiently create lighting policies, overall reducing how much you spend in electricity every month.


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