• POUNCE® Systems are designed to help you reduce the amount of energy required for your daily life, especially at work. POUNCE® will accomplish this without negative effects on your comfort. In fact, the information that a POUNCE® System provides about your indoor environment can actually help to improve your experience.

  • At Cortland Research, LLC, we believe in minimizing the energy consumed throughout the complete lifecycle of our products. That®s why we have made the following decisions when designing POUNCE® Systems.

    We use recycled cardboard and biodegradable plastic bags for shipping our devices.
    The system controllers are packaged in cardboard that is recyclable.
    Our standard POUNCE® devices are light almond color. The natural color of the resin that we use does not require extra chemicals in the dye process. However, other colors are available upon request.
    Circuit Boards
    Our circuit boards are built using lead-free solder.
    Other brands of sensors may use batteries for power and batteries are not good for landfills. POUNCE® sensors do not require batteries.
    Cradle to Cradle
    When POUNCE® devices reach their end of life, we encourage users to return them to us and we will properly recycle them.
  • A POUNCE® System will reduce carbon emissions by improving the energy efficiency of existing building systems thereby reducing the electrical and fossil fuel demand. A calculation for a single project associated with off-campus dormitory apartments at a local college estimates a reduction of carbon emissions from electric generation by 98.9 metric tons per year. ( Per CA draft "Task Lighting Plug Load Circuit Control, March 2011, a small office produces 2,844 lbs. CO2/yr. A large office produces 61,804 lbs.

  • All of our products are designed, produced, assembled and tested in the USA. Not only are we helping our local economy, we are eliminating emissions associated with shipping cargo around the world.

  • For our employees, we believe in ethical treatment, promote a lifestyle of work-life balance and offer benefits to encourage a good healthy lifestyle.

  • We engage local schools and our community by hosting informational tours for promoting careers in science and business.